Male Enhancement Products
DBI Distribution’s supplements offer consumers a variety of solutions to help them lead healthier, happier lives. One area that is especially popular with the company’s customers is its male enhancement products. These products can help restore the body’s natural balance to increase stamina and improve performance.

To better understand the benefits of these products, it’s important to know what their ingredients do. Two of DBI Distribution’s top products, Testostrex and Top Gun, have very similar advantages but are made very differently.

About Male Enhancement Supplements
Both Testostrex and Top Gun are sold in easy-to-swallow capsules. Packaged in small containers, they can be easily stored and transported. Testostrex is designed to be taken twice daily, with two pills taken each time, while Top Gun is also designed to be taken in sets of two capsules. Each product was specially formulated to work with a man’s unique body makeup, so one supplement may be a better choice than the other for a given man.

Sexual performance can often be thrown off by a subtle change in the body’s chemistry. In some cases, performance and stamina are an issue from a young age. However, after a short time taking DBI Distribution’s male enhancement products, many customers report experiencing better performance and enjoyment than they have in many years.

Active Ingredients
Each supplement’s ingredients are designed to maximize male sexual performance. Top Gun’s top ingredients include Avena Sativa, an oat extract that is so closely connected to testosterone, it is said to be responsible for the term “sowing his wild oats,” and epimedium, also known as horny goat weed. Tribulus, used in building muscles, is also found in Top Gun, as is Asian ginseng, which has been connected to marked increase in testosterone.

Like Top Gun, Testostrex contains Tribulus, which has been shown to increase sperm count and improve sexual desire and performance. Additionally, Testostrex gives men the benefits of Maca Root Extract, which has been profiled in several magazines as a natural testosterone booster, keeping hormones in balance as men get older.

Each product has been specially formulated to help men live more productive sex lives, removing the stress associated with performance worries. Not only will this help them lead more stress-free lives, they’ll also get more enjoyment out of their sexual experiences, helping strengthen their relationships for better personal lives.

DBI Distribution sources only the best male enhancement products that have proven effective in improving performance and endurance. With competitive prices and great customer service, DBI Distribution is a top choice for those seeking the best supplements on the market today.