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Ingredient Information

Anise Extract is oil that contains anethol that has an observed estrogenic effect. This effect may substantiate the herb’s uses as a stimulant of sexual drive.9

Asian Ginseng is known by the people of China and Korea, as well as American Indians, as a medicine root and a tonic. The root of the plant offers health benefits such as improving memory, fighting fatigue and balancing metabolism. It is also known to be used in Chinese herbal medicine for increasing male sexual desire, as well as its ability to help the body adapt to adverse conditions.6, 9

Avena Sativa, otherwise known as oats, acts to increase sexual desire, stamina and performance.14

Beet Root Powder aids in the digestive system.20

Bioperine® is a standardized extract from the fruit of black pepper or long pepper. It contains 95 percent of piperine, which enhances the body’s natural thermogenic activity. Thermogenesis has been identified as a key factor in maintaining weight loss. It has also been identified as playing an integral role in utilizing the daily food and nutrients that the human body consumes.21

Bladderwrack Powder, or Kelp, reportedly has metabolic benefits.9

Bupleurum acts as a tonic and is primarily known for its positive effects on the liver.9

Caffeine has well known stimulant properties and is probably the most widely consumed “herbal” supplement in the world. As a general central nervous system stimulant, caffeine increases mental arousal and stimulates the release of epinephrine (adrenaline). Caffeine also is known to stimulate mobilization of fatty acids which may have effects on fat oxidation for weight loss or endurance performance. Caffeine also encourages the release of calcium into muscle cells, where it can stimulate more powerful muscle contractions.24

Calcium is extremely important to the human body and is most known for aiding in strong bones and teeth. It also plays a role in the circulatory system and can help maintain normal circulation. 24

Capsicum Annum, also known as Cayenne, helps to maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. In general is beneficial to the circulatory system.9

Chromium is thought by some to aid in weight loss while increasing muscle mass.8

Cistanches is a Chinese herb that has a history of use for maintaining normal sexual function. Specifically, it is said to enhance blood flow to the necessary areas.10

Citrus Aurantium is an effective supplement to dieting in aiding digestion, as well as being known in China for stimulating energy. 9

Citrus Peel has a history of supporting the digestive system, as well as the respiratory system.11

Cuscuta, also known as dodder, helps maintain urinary and liver functions. 9

Eleuthero (root) is another name for Siberian Ginseng and is used to combat the effect of physical and mental stress and to boost physical and mental energy levels.24

Epimedium, or Horny Goat Weed, is most recently known for its aphrodisiac effects. It helps to increase sex drive, stamina and general sexual performance. Epimedium is also supposed to promote immune function.3, 19, 22

Ethyl Alcohol kills organisms by denaturing their proteins and dissolving their lipids and is effective against most bacteria and fungi, and many viruses.15

Eucommia stimulates the circulatory system.9

Fo Ti Powder is one of the most popular herbs used in Chinese medicine and is said to create a rejuvenating and energizing effect, as well as its ability to act as a sexual tonic.1, 2, 7

Garcinia Cambogia Extract is an extract from the rind of a little pumpkin-like fruit, Garcinia cambogia, from India and Southeast Asia. Garcinia extract to inhibit fat production and suppress appetite.24

Ginger Root promotes circulation and aids in digestion.9

Ginkgo Biloba Extract is very popular and known for aiding in minor age related memory loss by promoting cerebral circulation.9

Ginseng, one of the best known of available energy supplements, has adaptogenic properties and acts to improve male sexual desire. Has been reported to help counter fatigue. Asian Ginseng aids the body in coping with stress of the environment and fights energy loss.9

Green Tea Extract acts to promote both weight loss by boosting metabolism and cardiovascular health. It has been a staple of Chinese culture for thousands of years. It helps maintain the best levels of energy and wellness, as well as boosting metabolism.23, 26

Guarana Extract is known for its ability to work against feeling lethargic and tired and is a natural occurring herbal form of caffeine.9

Hawthorn Berry Powder has historically been used for its diuretic properties, as well as its benefit to the circulatory system as a whole.9

Hoodia Gordonii a natural appetite suppressant, used for generations by South African tribesmen to stave off hunger during long hunting expeditions.

Iron is found in blood and aids blood cells in oxygen storage. Iron also helps to process the body’s energy so that it runs efficiently.12

Kola Nut (Extract and Powder) is known for its ability to work against feeling lethargic and tired and is a source of natural occurring herbal form of caffeine.9

L-Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid and has been linked to increased sexual potency.25

Lycium is believed to promote circulation and protect the liver from toxins.9

Morinda is primarily known for its sexual benefits by increasing sexual desire and performance.9

Muira Puama Bark Extract and Powder is known in some cultures to increase sexual desire and performance.9

Naringin is a flavonoid extracted from the inner peel of grapefruit and other citrus fruits. It has the ability to reduce hunger while potentially enhancing the flavor of foods by stimulating the taste buds and the ability to support healing of our tissues after intense, grueling workouts.18

Niacin is a water-soluble B vitamin. Because niacin is involved in the proper functioning of more than 200 metabolic enzymes, it plays a role in a wide range of bodily processes, including synthesis of hormones and blood cells.24

Oriental Ginseng Extract is known by the people of China and Korea, as well as American Indians, as a medicine root and a tonic. The root of the plant offers health benefits such as improving memory, fighting fatigue and balancing metabolism. It is also known to be used in Chinese herbal medicine for increasing male sexual desire, as well as for its ability to help the body adapt to adverse conditions.6, 9

Panax Ginseng is the most famous Chinese herb and has been valued for its remarkable therapeutic benefits for about 7,000 years. During the 18th century, its ability to improve stamina and resistance to stress became common knowledge. 9

Passionflower is known primarily for its effects on the nervous system and its calming effects.9

Schizandra is considered by some as a youth preserving herb as well as a sexual tonic.10

Synephrine is the main “active” compound found in the fruit of a plant called Bitter Orange. Synephrine is a stimulant and is thought to have effects providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic rate and caloric expenditure.24

Taurine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of proteins. Found in the nervous system and muscles, taurine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body. It is thought to help regulate heartbeat, maintain cell membranes, and affect the release of neurotransmitters (chemicals that carry signals between nerve cells) in the brain.23

Tribulus (Terestris) Fruit Extract and Powder is thought to have testosterone boosting capability and is supposedly beneficial to male sexual function.5, 20

Vanadium is an essential trace mineral (only recently identified as being truly essential in humans). Vanadium has an insulin-mimetic effect and is thought to promote glycogen synthesis, maintain blood glucose levels and stimulate muscle anabolism.24

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) helps the body break down protein, and helps maintain the health of red blood cells, the nervous system, and parts of the immune system.27

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) plays a role in the body’s growth and development. It also has a part of producing blood cells, the functions of the nervous system, and how the body uses folic acid and carbohydrates.27


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